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The Road Less Traveled by Brieanna Robertson

The Road Less Traveled by Brieanna Robertson
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Five concert tickets won on a radio contest seem to be the perfect solution for Alyx to get away from her abusive ex boyfriend and turn a new page in her life. Quiet, antisocial Maxim is not the sort to want adventure, but when his brother volunteers him to go on the trip to the concert with Alyx and her best friend, he suddenly finds his world turned upside down, especially when it comes to the way Alyx effects him.

Taegen is having trouble dealing with the death of her brother and finds herself wanting to shut out the world, until she meets a mysterious stranger who shows her that she can, in fact, still feel something inside her wounded heart.

Thrown together in a bizarre and hilarious set of circumstances, these five strangers come to realize the true meaning of friendship, love and being true to oneself.

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Hey, this book looks familiar! :) I'm glad you are enjoying it! Thank you!

I give this book 2 thumbs up! Kudo's to you Brieanna.

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