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Pumped Up by Allise Alders

Pumped Up by Allise Alders
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Divorced and forty, Lauren wants some spark in her life, but she's leery of being burned. A fitness freak, she's a visual feast for every man at the gym--except for the one she wants. He doesn't seem to see her at all.

This bald hunk of man kindles flames in Lauren that quickly become an all-consuming inferno of lust and fantasy. She watches him, wants him, and aches for him to fill her body as he fills her mind. Unnerved by her burgeoning obsession and afraid of rejection or failure, Lauren dodges the object of her desire. She has her fantasies, she has her hands, and she has her orgasms. Who needs a man? Not Lauren, that is until the day she runs a little late in the shower.

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