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Operation SpaceQuest: Episode 1 Virtual Awakening by Marianne LaCroix

Operation SpaceQuest: Episode 1 Virtual Awakening by Marianne LaCroix
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Julie, a computer game programmer for the company SciVirtua, develops a virtual reality experience called Operation SpaceQuest. The game transports the player into the future to 3246 when Earth is on the verge of galactic war, and Dorian "The Jackal" Smith is earth's only hope.

Julie tests her program before presenting it to her boss, Dorian, the model for her space-age hero. Only, things take a turn and the game isn't virtual anymore. She is swept into her game world, where the blaster fire is very real—and so is Dorian.
Dorian took the game home to test it, but something went very wrong. He's now The Jackal and a part of the adventure, but he isn't prepared to become a space-age hero and wants out.

Julie and Dorian turn to each other for strength and discover a passionate connection that heats up each passing moment. The blaster fire raging around them doesn't come close to the inferno of burning desires within them. They must work together and their first mission in only the beginning of the adventure as they try to thwart an evil plot to release a deadly gas into the Earth's atmosphere.

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