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The Gypsy & The Jester by Shawna Moore

The Gypsy & The Jester by Shawna Moore
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French Quarter shop owner Chloe Vincent masters more than her Pharmacology degree. Behavioral Psychologist Mark Sloan is the object of her seduction when he participates in the final trial of her aphrodisiac. The masquerading Gypsy takes Mark to the dungeon and sexual heights. On Valentine’s Day, she secures Mark to her bed and secures the confirmatory results for her thesis. During a television broadcast and debate, Mark divulges his desire for a Mister-and-Missus collaboration with Chloe. Once engaged, they receive a Pompeiian urn that makes an indelible mark on their lives. Chloe eventually smashes the gift, and both agree nothing, even acclaim, means more than their love.

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