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Devarian Uprising by Sierra Dafoe

Devarian Uprising by Sierra Dafoe
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In a galaxy where all men are slaves, one woman must fight an empire to free the man she loves.

Determined to secure the freedom of the pleasure-slave she has come to love, Guardian Captain Soleyla Devarian makes a pact with Rolen, the leader of the Antoreans. She will turn traitor to her own people, and help Rolen destroy the advance team sent to prepare his planet for colonization by the Nine-Star League. If they are successful, Rolen vows to put his people at her disposal in the final quest to gain Kantou's freedom -- by overthrowing the very League itself!

But in her single-minded dedication to Rolen's cause, will Soleyla risk losing her beloved Kantou? And can Rolen bring himself to face the terrifying rigors of the one plan Soleyla can come up with to defeat the Guardians' superior forces?

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Just wanted to take a sec to say what a wonderful job you have done putting together all of these looks at some fabulous books!
Kudo's to you!

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