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Dark Angeli by Raine Lasair

Dark Angeli by Raine Lasair
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Commander Mishka Sakar has long been a leader in the Imperial Forces. Fighting on the front lines she puts her life in jeopardy each day. But despite the action of battle, she cannot fight her feelings for Lord Commander Hawk Grayson, the one man who can breach her defenses. As a Cormidion soldier she must fight not only the prejudices of her past but the danger to come.

Hawk Grayson has watched Mishka grow from a feral cadet into the deadly Commander she has become today. Keeping her at arms length is the only way he knows to maintain his dignity, even if it means staying thousands of miles away.

Rayce has been Mishka's second in command, working and fighting beside her, while at the same time, yearning for something more.
With a single shot, Mishka's world is thrown from military order into chaos. Only with the two men who mean the most to her, can she hope to come through whole.

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read & loved it. wish there were more...

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