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The Violet Eyes of Jesse Knight by Laurlee Harbig

The Violet Eyes of Jesse Knight by Laurlee Harbig
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The Violet Eyes of Jesse Knight is about the survival and the determination of an extraordinary individual. Jesse Knight was raised in an average home, he has a best friend, Daniel, and a guardian, Frank. Jesse’s friendship with Daniel is special and close. If there were ever two friends that were so opposite of each other, these two are. But there is a part of Jesse that even Daniel does not know of. You see, Jesse has the blood of kings running through his veins. He was entrusted with the Power of the Royals, as he is the descendent of the kings of his birth planet. Jesse was not born on Earth, but brought here to be raised by his father’s best friend. They came to Earth to escape a war that tore apart their home planet. Everything about Jesse has an earthly touch, everything but his violet eyes.

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Thanks first of all...to Crystal for posting my book here. Crystal has been good to me so I hope all of you are good to her.

Love to all... Laurlee

Here is an excerpt for my book, "The Violet Eyes of Jesse Knight"...

It was now the two set out again. J’Lon was not sure where he was going, but sooner or later he would have to come into contact with the people of this world. He set out for the main road not sure of his, or E’Falco’s, fate on this new world. He was so in such deep thought over it, that he was physically shaking. J’Lon was so wrapped up with his thought he stumbled and fell. E’Falco was startled and started to whimper. J’Lon sat down on the side of the deserted road and started to cry. He was so drained and scared with his face in his hands and tears rolling down his face.
“I can not do this. I am not strong enough,” J’Lon confused to E’Falco, who was now lying in his lap. E’Falco was sucking on his fist with one little tear in his violet eyes. Eyes that was so innocent and helpless. He cooed as if he knew what was going on and he was asking for forgiveness. E’Falco started to act as if he was to blame for this whole mess.
“No no, little one,” J’Lon said as he reached down and picked up E’Falco. J’Lon needed to cuddle him. He needed to reassure E’Falco that he was not to blame. “This is something not of your making, hush now.”
J’Lon was now holding E’Falco so close, they both started to cry again and they tried to comfort each other. This was a tense moment. He loved this child with all of his being so much so he would even die for him.
“Meek are the children we love,” a soft voice said.
J’Lon froze. He heard and understood most of what was said. He slowly turned to confront the source of the voice. With tears still flowing down his face he looked right at a young attractive lady with a bright smile. Her hair was wildly styled with highlights all over in it and her face was nice and tan as if she had been in the sun all day. It was that smile that was so attractive.
“Can I help you? Are you lost?” she asked.
How could J’Lon answer that? She seemed honest in her question so he just looked at her for a long while then E’Falco started to fuss.
“The baby must be hungry?” the young lady asked. “My church is just over there behind those trees.” She pointed at a small group of trees not so far away. “Come and have something to eat with us,” she offered.
She held out her hand to J’Lon. He was not sure if he should go but he thought about E’Falco. He had to trust and he had to take that step of faith. J’Lon slowly walked to her but it was still clear he was not sure he could trust her.
She took him by the arm and started to lead to a dirt road that leads into the trees. She then asked if she could carry E’Falco but settled for the shoulder bag instead. She did stop from time to time to give E’Falco a pat on the back. It was clear that in just a real short time she had fallen in love with him.
They got to a building made of brick and stone with big glass front doors. She opened the doors then motioned for J’Lon to go inside and she followed him into the building. The smell of fragrance candles as well as cooking smells, similar to that of the feasting halls back on Quadstar. This place reminded him of home. Now J’Lon could not deny it, E’Falco was hungry. He knew that the food was running short.
The young lady led J’Lon almost to the end of the hall to a cooking station. There were two others there making something like bread. J’Lon was not sure what to do now. The young lady pulled out a stool so that J’Lon could sit next to a small bar. She opened J’Lon’s bag and pulled out a blanket and laid it on the bar. J’Lon then laid E’Falco down and the young lady reached over and tickled his tummy, he giggled. J’Lon could not help but smile at this. The other two ladies came over to look at E’Falco as well. After taking turns tickling E’Falco and making him laugh they went back to their work. The young lady came back with some bread, chopped up fruits and a small carton with a small empty container. She opens the carton and poured the white liquid into the small clear container then she screwed on a funny looking top. She gave it a good couple of shakes and put the funny top into E’Falco’s mouth before J’Lon could stop her. E’Falco instinctively started to suck on it. He drank the white liquid right down as if that was what he was made to do.
“Wow, he was hungry,” she said as she pulled the container away from him. “You better eat too. Oh, I’m sorry were you waiting to pray first?”
She grabbed his hands and closed her's eyes, “Please Father, bless this meal we are about to receive. Amen.”
It was then and only then he realized he was in a temple, of all the places he could end up.
He repeated the last word she said, “Amen.”
She opened her eyes and smiled at him with that pretty smile again. He could not help but smile back. J’Lon had found a friend in an unfriendly world.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you my name. It’s Teri,” she told him. “What is yours?”
That sinking feeling came back. His name, he could not tell her is real name. So he though back to all that he had been through since arriving on this world. All he could think of was the only conversation that he had heard before now.
“Frank, my name is Frank,” J’Lon replied.
“What is cutie’s name?” Teri asked as she tickled E’Falco again.
“Jess,” he thought again of the two searchers from the crash site.
“Jess, is that short for Jesse?” she asked.
“Yes, yes it is,” J’Lon replied.
“You’re not from around here. I can tell by your accent,” Teri said.
“No, I am not,” J’Lon replied.
“Would you for me to show you around?” Teri asked.
“Yes, please do,” J’Lon said as he started to eat the bread from the plate Teri had brought him.
As he ate he thought that maybe he just might be strong enough to do this now. If having the right friends and learning as much as he could of this world, he could do this. He had found his strength and a friend in, of all places, a temple. He looked at little E’Falco, a sleep now, and thought life could only get better from here. A new world, a new start and a promise of the future, as long as there is a living heir Quadstar would be alive.

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