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The Viking Stone by Mikki Leigh

The Viking Stones by Mikki Leigh
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They are the descendents of gods. Aerik Thorsson was rescued by Kara, a passionate Valkyrie who chooses the valiant warrior as her destiny.

Together they live in peace and raise their son--until Aerik's jealous half-brother decides his own destiny: To use his twin sons and finally destroy Aerik and his family. But Aerik's sons, Kaelon, Alekandar, Erik, and Birgir, survive a violent attack that leaves their village in ruins. With their Valkyrie mother's blessing, the four boys are catapulted through time with nothing but their memories and four necklaces in the shape of Thor's Hammer. Separated from one another, they live - and fall in love - with sexy modern women. However, not everyone from their past has perished, and the now full-grown men must defend themselves and the women they love from ancient peril - one which is connected to the very stones they wear.

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