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Sahara'a Retaliation by Jade James

Sahara'a Retaliation by Jade James
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Earth isn’t what it used to be. Vampires and werewolves have long existed, secretly living amongst humans. But now dimensions have been opened, allowing demons and other paranormals through. A unit mixed with humans and paranormal hunters is formed to try and bring justice back on Earth.

One night while hunting, Sahara Lee, a psychic agent with the VCPTF, Violent Crimes Paranormal Task Force, comes across her mother's killer and attacks him, intent on seeking retribution. Instead, the vampire gets the best of her and tastes her blood. Now Sahara must protect herself against the demon that lurks behind corners, stalking her in a deadly cat and mouse game, all the while trying to fight the inevitable sexual psychic bond between her and her superior, Sloan Garrison.

Sloan, leader of the VCPTF Unit, knows Sahara's hiding something. The anger he feels at her deception does nothing to calm the sexual fire burning in his blood. He has every intention of protecting Sahara with his life and consummating the passion that burns between them.

Secrets from the past come rushing forward, threatening Sahara's objective and happiness.

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