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Relative Dreams by Emery LaRue

Relative Dreams by Emery LaRue
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A ghost from the past...

Elizabeth Bathory died in the 17th century. Walled up in her room, she cast her spell and waited.

Elizabeth Shelton is haunted by dreams of death and torture. All her life she has shrugged them off, but now they seem haunted by more. Something is happening to her, and she has no idea how to fight it. So she turns to the one man who will be her only salvation.

Dr. Ethan Richards deals in the world of dreams. But Elizabeth's story is something more. When a ghost from his own bloodline comes to him, he discovers a world that becomes more deadly every day. He loves Elizabeth and will stop at nothing to save her and what they have found together.

Fate is a fickle creature, and as these two lovers come together, something lurks. The Bloody Countess is back and she wants the beautiful Elizabeth. She wants to live again, and she wants Ethan.

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Oh another Emery story I must get!!


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