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Red Silk Diaries Volume 1 Anthology

Red Silk Diaries Anthology by Rene Walden, Marrissa de A'mor, Tracy Cole, Amethyst Knighte
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After Hour Cocktails by Marissa de A'mor

The moment Brett McMillan walked into the Human Resources office; Marissa knew she didn't like him. He was pushy, but he had the credentials and experience, so as Director she hired him. Her personal journal shows just how things can change over the course of time. Read about how her feelings change, and how even the strongest woman has to give in to her heart at times.

Turnabout by Tracy Cole

I thought I was excited when I got promoted, but it was nothing to what I felt when I found out who my new assistant was. Yum. The first time he bent me over my desk life got a whole lot more fun.

That is, until my boss found out about us. Now he wants a piece of the action (aka me) and I don't want to give it to him.

Journals of Innocence Lost by Amethyst Knighte

Having been asked by her two friends, Rico and Jonathan, to be the first to enter her deepest thoughts and desires into their newest endeavor, Journals of Innocence Lost, at the night club bearing the same name, Amy decides to go along, not realizing just how much her life is about to change. Not only does she have the most sensual experience of her life fulfilled by the most gorgeous man she's ever seen, she finds herself facing decisions she never thought she would have to face, all in the span of a single week! Will Amy make the right choice, or will she throw it all away and lose her chance for happiness after having her Passions Awakened.

All In A Day's Work by Rene Walden

I had been desperately looking for a job when my good friend Joe introduced me to Josh Seran. After meeting Josh, I agreed to take the job working as the housekeeper for him and his wife.

It didn't take me long to figure out that Josh was one hot, sexy, and very frustrated man. There was definitely trouble in paradise. So I did what any other good employee would do, I 'cleaned up' around there and it'll never be the same again.What happens when you take one bitchy wife, an unsatisfied husband, and a voluptuously hot housekeeper and put 'em all together under one roof? It's All In A Day's Work.

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