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The Other Half by Jayelle Drewry

The Other Half by Jayelle Drewry
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Sabine Tate is a werewolf in denial. Renouncing her werewolf heritage, she lives outside her pack. Determined not to live by animal instincts, she’s not going to consider a werewolf for her mate. There’s just one problem, she’s met the one werewolf who won’t take no for an answer.

Roman Silva, pack outcast, has found his mate, the woman nature has decreed as his. The mate that will help him create a new pack. There’s only one problem. She doesn’t want him.

Two stubborn werewolves with one common problem. Neither will accept the other half of their heritage. Roman lives by his animal instincts while Sabine trusts only her human logic. Both are perfect for each other, if they can learn to accept their other half.

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