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Love With A Proper Rancher by Judith C Rochelle

Love With A Proper Rancher by Judith C Rochelle
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All Paige Cavanaugh wanted in life was a fairy tale with a happy ending. Too bad she kept getting frogs instead of princes - the last one turning out to be a toad. Running away from a wedding gone bad, swearing off men, she finds herself stranded and out of gas in the little West Texas town of White Tail. Here she meets sexy, mouth-watering, let-me-drag-you-into-my-bed rancher/attorney Ryan Cutter, where its instant warfare between them. Paige decides to hang around for a while, hiding out from the mess she left behind. Ryan's just as determined to chase her out of town. But the night she attends a party at his ranch, sparks of a different kind ignite between them. Without warning, the relationship between them blossoms. When the jilted fiancé shows up, prepared to drag Paige back to the city and a minister, she finds her future with Ryan in serious jeopardy. Will the handsome rancher turn his back on her or follow his heart? Will Paige's fairy tale have a happy ending, where the hero kidnaps the princess and rides off in the sunset to ravish her?

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