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Let's Talk About Sex by Emery LaRue

Let's Talk About Sex by Emery LaRue
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Dr. River LaBeck enjoys her work. Not only does she counsel couples, but her spot on TALK radio has made her a local celebrity. From the older generation to the newlywed, she has the answer to their problems. Too bad her own sex life can't be managed so easily.

When the topic turns to fantasy, River is shocked, yet amused when a caller puts her on the spot. But in the dead of night, her wildest dreams are brought to life, and her deepest fantasy explored. It's a shame the man of her dreams is a secret even to her. But there is something about this stranger that hides her eyes and brings her such pleasure. Something achingly familiar.

Sometimes what you truly want is the only thing that can give you what you truly need.

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I love Emery's books! Must get this one!


Hi Noizemaker !!

I love your blog! I am so sorry I am late but thanks so much for adding me here & thanks Jan !!!


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