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The legacy by Kay Derwydd

The Legacy by Kay Derwydd
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Mychael Potter is an angel on a mission... literally. Cast out of Heaven as one of Lucifer's followers, he is on a quest to redeem his soul and regain his standing in Heaven. His task? To play pawn to a prophecy. He is sent to live as a mortal sorcerer in order to prevent the descendant of Cain from becoming a vampire. In order to fulfill this task, he must become a vampire himself. Aided by periodic visits from the Archangel Michael, he waits for the time to come in which he will meet the man he has sworn to protect.

Morgan Adamson lives as a bachelor in London, content to work and hang out with his best friend Alec. Having ended a relationship with a woman two years ago, he's not ready for another one. Then he meets Ashley Porter. When Ashley saves him from a possibly gruesome fate at the hands of a vampire, Morgan realizes there's more to Ashley than meets the eye. Now faced with the news that his life is in danger, Morgan must rely on the roguish sorcerer while coming to terms with the fact that he's falling in love with him.

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Oh, thank you, hun! :D I'm so glad you came to the chat last night. I hope you're enjoying the book!


Hello Noizemaker,

WoW this sounds like a very good book. I will have to check this one out for sure :)


Hi Linda,

Thank you! :) I hope you enjoy it. :D

~Kay Derwydd

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