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Last Chance by Kit Wylde

Last Chance by Kit Wylde
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What happens when a Tarot reader meets a skeptical cowboy? A wild ride.

Susan Pell escaped from a nasty relationship and found peace living alone (if you don't count the two match-making ghosts who are the original owners). Just when she decides to enter the dating pool again, in walks Max Lancaster, a sexy cowboy who happens to be her neighbor. Max has been given a free reading in the hopes that Susan will be able to predict his future. The attraction between them is instant, but his obvious disgust with her profession makes Susan want to have her way with him then strangle him for being such a close-minded fool. No matter that the ghosts say he's the one, Susan's not buying it. Avoiding him doesn't help, nor does dating someone else. When Susan vows to forget him, fate (with a little help from the ghosts) take matters into their own hands.

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I bought this when it first came out and felt it was a good read, just a little too short for my tastes.. But I'm adapting!

Thanks for posting this, Crystal!

Well, Diana, not all of us have the capability of writing longer pieces, although my current WIP is shaping up to be longer. :)


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