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In This Life by Rachel Carrington

In This Life by Rachel Carrington
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This book is the sequel to Choices.

Alexander is sent back to present day New York by the magical abilities of a ghost from 1811. On a mission to find Diane O'Hara, he's amazed by the sheer size of Manhattan, but what amazes him more is Diane herself.

Diane doesn't believe the man who claims to know a sister who doesn't exist. But soon her disbelief turns to amazement as she realizes the truth about the past. The sister she never knew has found happiness with a duke in 1811 England. In turn, Alexander has returned in Carla's place. In gratitude, Diane offers Alexander a place to stay until he learns his way around the city.

But it doesn't take her long to realize her generosity is a bad idea, especially when the heat between her and Alex reaches inferno level. She doesn't even know if Alex will fit into her world, and she knows she could never fit into his. But he can't return to 1811, and she certainly doesn't want him to, not after nights of scorching sex and the realization that she's fallen in love with the displaced Englishman.

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This sounds really good!


Thanks so much for posting the info about my book, Noizemaker!

I loved writing this book as it was the sequel to Choices, and I'm considering one more to make this a trilogy.

Thanks again!

That would be awesome...Thanks for commenting...

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