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Elementals - Fire and Ice by Liddy Mignight

Elementals - Fire and Ice by Liddy Midnight
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Part of the Elementals series

Trina, slave to a sorceress, huddles beside the hearth and sees tiny fiery beings among the flames, dancing atop the coals. Soon she finds herself in their world, a place of heat and acceptance and magick. One of the fire-folk burns brighter than the rest, touching her and making her feel in a way she's never felt before.

She encounters him later, after one of sorceress Kalidah's rituals goes horribly awry. Brand takes human form to save Trina from the resulting fire. She makes him feel things foreign to a fire spirit. Now in a mortal body, he sets out to explore the sensual promise of Trina's awakening womanhood.

Given her freedom, Trina seeks the family she knows she has. Her path lies through dangerous territory. Although Brand accompanies Trina on her journey, she knows this is not his world and he must soon return to where he belongs.

Passionate sex and magick draw them together, but something more lies at the heart of it. Mayhap that something will survive the dangers they face together.

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WOO-HOO! I bopped on over from the MEA blog and I'm right on top! First two on the list!

I'm so happy you enjoyed my 'hot' little story. You're the best, Noy-Zee! (But don't tell Princess Mel that I said that. LOL)

Oh, wait a minute...that means these were put up last. :sigh: The story of my life. :brightening: Unless you saved the best for last?

Yes, I have my ups and downs. I'll believe what matches my mood. LOL


Squeeeeeee! I love Liddy Midnight books! Great to see them here, Noizemaker!


Thanks for commenting...I hope to be able to put plenty more up...

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