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Egyptian Cotton by Ann Cory

Egyptian Cotton by Ann Cory
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When Amber finds a great bargain on Egyptian cotton sheets from the marketplace, she can't wait to go to bed, especially if there was a hunky Egyptian man to share it with her. After a strange voice calls to her she passes out and wakes in Egypt, bound in shackles, with a handsome piece of eye candy staring at her. The sexy stranger, Seth, must marry so he can take his place as king and overthrow their current vicious leader who wants to see him dead. Seth has many secrets, one of which is that he is part man, part lion.

More than the desert heats up as Amber learns firsthand that cotton isn't the only thing they do well in Egypt.

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Look how cool your blog looks! You totally rock :) *tossing confetti*

Thanks Ann...

Oh baby! Pass me some Egyptian cotton sheets!
Sounds great, Ann!


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