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Dragon's Bane by Sherill Quinn

Dragon's Bane by Sherrill Quinn
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What happened after the fairy godmother got a Prince Charming for Cinderella? She went out and got her own, of course. Dragon’s Bane is the story of Cinderella's fairy godmother, Adara Tremeirchion. Adara is the youngest--and most successful--fairy godmother in the realm. But she has made an enemy of Cinderella's wicked stepmother. Ruarc of Melthione is a prince of the kingdom that neighbors Prince Charming's. He, too, is on the stepmother's "hit" list, cursed by her to be a dragon by night. To protect those he loves, he exhiles himself to The Hinterlands, where the dragons live. Adara and Ruarc end up in dragonland together, and together must find the way to return to their lives and save Cinderella and the prince once again from the stepmother’s wicked intent.

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Oh! Love this one! Did you know that Sherrill's writing has been compared to Lora Leigh?

This is on my TBB list - did I mention Sherrill was a student of mine when I ran a workshop in erotic romance waaaaaay back? LoL


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