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Devarian Revolution by Sierra Dafoe

Devarian Revolution by Sierra Dafoe
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Driven by her grief and fury at the loss of Kantou, Soleyla Devarian leads her forces to victory against the Nine-Star League. Planet after planet falls to Soleyla’s revolution, aided by the slaves who rally to her cause. Now the only hurdle remaining is the conquest of Argulus, the capitol planet of the Nine-Star League, ruled by Soleyla’s mother.In a deadly face-off between mother and daughter, Soleyla finally learns the shocking fate of Danel, her first pleasure-slave -- and discovers that Rachel Devarian holds Kantou’s fate in her cold grasp as well. Can Soleyla find a way to save her beloved Kantou, or must she sacrifice the man she loves to save the galaxy from her mother’s tyranny?

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