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Aloha Love by Alice Wootson

Aloha Love by Alice Wootson
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When Helicopter pilot Jeanine Stewart popped in on her mechanic to have her chopper checked out, she had no idea she'd meet the man who'd win her heart: her mechanic's brother, Chris Harris. An architect with a serious fear of flying, Chris is more interested in designing buildings that soaring over them. But his attraction to this daxxling female pilot might just be the cure he needs. As they begin to get to know each other better, Jeanine takes him for the ride of his life in herchopper, but technical difficulties result in a crash landing. Once they return to safety, they find themselves caught in the middle of the battle between government agents and a vengeful terrorist who are all in search og Jeanine's aircraft's replacement parts. Can Jeanine and Chris survive a terrorist plat and soar to new height in love?

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