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Reading Ebooks!!!

I have been reading ebooks hear lately. I have come to learn that I like erotica romance. The books that I have read are really great books. If you like erotica romance check these out. I have been reading them over and over and I never liked reading until I bought the first ebook to see what it was all about. I read everyday now. I cant get enough! Sinderella was the first book that I bought and it was great. It has a great story line and hot sex scenes but leaves room for a little imagination. I just wish I was Ella and I could be with Roarke. I love fairy tales with happly ever after. Well Sinderella is an adult version of Cinderella. There is a different scene instead of being locked up in a house she is a doctor with her stepmother and stepsisters. I just love this book. But I cant pick a favorite because I love all of them. I have not found a book that I have read bad. I hope some of them have sequels to continue the story.

But anyways I am going to post all the books that I have and as I get more I will post them...I will have the link to buy the books, read an excerpt and the authors site...So you can check them out...I will still add in comments about me...But I hope you enjoy...

Hey Noizemaker!! Thanks for posting my book :)

I've come with a bucket of confetti and a naughty game of pin the...ahem...nevermind, lol.

:) Ann

You are very welcome Ann...I really enjoyed the book so why not advertise it...Love the confetti...

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