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Well, I decided to start my blog tonight...

First a little about myself...I have traveled all over the southern USA...My step dad is an electrican...So we traveled with the company he worked for...The last place we stopped at was in Texas...As a matter of fact it was Colmesneil, TX...I have some good friends from there...Anyways I quit school and got married at 16 years old...No mom and dad did not like it at all and no I was not pregnent...Anyways we stayed together until I was 19 years...We seperated and of course I went back to mom's...Well my nana needed help so my mom moved to Kosciusko, MS and soon later the family came out...We all needed a new start...So I moved to MS...YEAH a new start is what I needed...Anyways I met a guy online and ended up moving in with him and about ayear and a half later we split...But while we were together I did go get my GED...I moved in with my new boyfriend...We got a trailor together...lived there for a little over 2 years when we got engaged...I decided it was time to do something and I went back to school...I wen to the College of Cosmetology and graduated as a nail techician...I am certified to use an electric nail file, to do advanced tammy taylor scuptured nails and use fast pro products...Well anyways we decided to buy a trailor...We bought a triplewide trailor...And that is where I am today...So there you have it a little break down of me...

Cool adventures you've had in your life, Noizemaker!

Congrats on your engagement!! And one day I want to get myself a trailer too. I think they are so neat and cozy!!! :-)


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