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Melting Iron by Ann Cory

Melting Iron by Ann Cory
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Feel the heat as two bodies forge as one
As things heat up between the Blacksmith's apprentice and the woman he dares not love, an element stronger than the both of them will test their limits, and the very foundation the town was built on.

A lonely wife of a Blacksmith finds a spark of life in the young apprentice, Daniel. Stuck in a loveless marriage Evelynn dreams of a different life, away from her cold-hearted husband and his cruel ways. As her feelings grow for Daniel, she becomes restless and wonders what it would be like to have his tender hands on her naked flesh.While things heat up between Daniel and Evelynn a relentless storm brews around Johnstown and rumors circulate that the dam is too weak to hold up against a heavy rain. As the water rises, Evelynn and Daniel are separated. Many lives are lost. Is their love strong enough to break free of Mother Nature's stronghold?

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Wowsa Noizemaker! They sound like great books!


I have read all of them and they are awesome...I have no complaints on any of them...

Look at you girl, you've been super busy! I'm impressed!!!!

Thanks...I tried to make it look good...

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