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Deep Undercover By Shawna Moore

Deep Undercover By Shawna Moore
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Working undercover drug detail is dirty work, but someone has to do it. Jade Hunter, part Charlie’s Angel, part Laura Croft, allies with Brad Masters, the charismatic bachelor nephew of the heroin dealer whose underworld she’s assigned to infiltrate. Exploring Miami’s club scene, Jade participates in explicit photo shoots, stripteases, pole and dances in order to get closer to the criminal element.

Rough play is part of Jade’s persona, and she takes her act seriously—both in the bedroom and on the street beat. Posing as a prostitute, she rendezvous at a rundown motel with her partner and an associate of drug lord Harry Shelton, but their ménage plans and a heroin buy are terminated when Miami-Dade’s back-ups arrive and make the bust. Jade’s whisked away in an unmarked police car.

To maintain her cover, the story is put on the street that she died from an overdose. Thus begins another makeover for the sassy operative. A promotion as the commander of special drug cadre is Jade’s for the taking, but Brad divulges he’d rather have her safe and behind a desk than putting her life on the line every day. Jade’s been dying her hair and dying to know Brad’s true feelings. At this confession of a commitment, the woman who lives on the edge decides to trade hell-raising adventure for a happily-ever-after.

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Lady Bi

This is one of my favorite covers! There's more than a bit of Shawna in Jade Hunter.

Thanks for including my books among such a great list of others!

awesome cover!

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